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Privacy Statement

Privacy statement


To protect the member’s and all user’s interests, and to provideproof of our services, please read the following items and articles carefully.When you have completed member information application and submission and havebegan using our services, you agree to all the terms of service listed.


We will edit website policy from time to time. We suggest allusers should stay up to date with any changes. If you use any service after thepolicy adjustments, you agree to all the changes in policy.


Basic terms

If the member is under 20 yearsold, the member’s parents (or guardian) should read, understand and agree tothe contents of this agreement before member registration, use or continued useof our services.

When a member uses or continuesto use this website, it is presumed the parents (or guardian) of the member hasread, understood and agreed to the contents of this agreement and any changesto the terms.

All images and information onthis website should not be copied, moved, leased or sold. Members must followall laws related to E-commerce. Any violators will be prosecuted in accordanceto the law.


Purpose of data collection


 Thepurpose of data collection is to investigate, research and analyse marketing,consumers, customer management and service, online shopping and otherE-commerce services. (Legal purpose item number 040, 090, 148 and 157).

 Thisservice collects personal information through member signup and duringtransactions.

Categories of personal information collected

The personal information collected by the website include

(1)  Personal identifiers: Such asmember name, address, phone number, Email, etc.

(2)  Financial identifiers: Such ascredit card or bank account information

(3)  Personal details: For example:gender, date of birth, etc.



Usage time, location, member and method

When using the differentservices provided by Volendo as a member, member information will automaticallybe shown on the page.

 Transaction behavior: When amember books, bids for, purchases or participates in promotions for products orservices, all questions regarding delivery, services provided, payment,customer service response are necessary for feedback.

 Advertising and marketing:Provide members with different digital publications and related informationthrough Email, mail, phone and other platforms.

 Transaction behavior: When amember books, bids for, purchases or participates in promotions for products orservices, all questions regarding delivery, services provided, payment,customer service response are necessary for feedback.

 Customer service response:Reply to questions proposed by members to Volendo through Email, phone andother direct forms of communication.

 Other sales related items: Allitems listed above are necessary for the services provided by Volendo.

Member personal information rights

Members, whose personal information is collected, have the rightto demand Volendo for the following services, as stated by the personalinformation protection act.


Inquiry or read request

Request for a copy

Request for additionalinformation or corrections

Request for a copy

Request for collection,processing or usage to cease

Request for deletion

If members wish to exercise the rights listed above, please sendrequests to Volendo customer service.


Information sharing and revelation


Unless it is related to theprovision of products and services that you requested, we have your permissionor fulfills one of the circumstances listed below, Volendo will not share yourpersonal information with other parties or non related companies

Your information will be sharedin the following situations: As a response to subpoenas, court orders or legalprocedures, acquiring or executing legal rights, or as a defense duringlawsuits. To cooperate in investigations and to prevent illegal activities, iffraud is suspected, when there are threats to personal safety, when the termsof the website are breached or to respond to the situations listed above, and lastly,if it is necessary according to the law.

If this website is wholly orpartly merged with or acquired by another company, we will transfer yourpersonal information to the other company. If this occurs, the website willnotify you before the information is transferred and a different privacy policyis applied.



Information security

We utilize reasonable technologies and procedures to protect allpersonal information to the best of our ability.

We recommend each member toensure their own information security. Do not share your account informationwith a third party to protect your personal interests.



To provide a more convenient experience, Volendo will set and savecookies on your computer. You can decide whether to allow the cookies throughthe settings in your computer or online device. If you turn Cookies off, it maycause some or all functions to be limited when using our service.


Privacy protection policy revisions

We will revise website policies from time to time.

When you use the services provided on the website, Volendo willassume you have read and agreed to the policies. The privacy protectionpolicies will be revised depending on circumstance. The revised policies willbe posted to the website. Please read the updated content regularly.

Ifyou do not agree with the policy, please stop using the services